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Completely enjoying the MapleStory M

Maple M Mesos has released and it's time for to leveling up over the game. This time, you're able to do this by where thanks to the contemporary power of your smartphone. The principles which fans know and love are all here, including mounts. Here's how to work with mounts in MapleStory M.

First of all, you start off using a giant pig. It's cute and awesome and perfect. You naturally will find the pig since you do a few the first preliminary quests you are given when you start up the game and also pass the tutorial. It is going to automatically be outfitted at the conclusion of the quest, but I will discuss how to do this, too.

For yourself a bracket within the sport, like I mentioned previously, you simply need to finish some beginner quests you'll automatically get. It is a delightful pig, as I mentioned. You can obviously get others, but we're unable to confirm exactly how right now. As soon as I figure out this, we'll update this manual.

Then, as soon as you've the mount you'd love to ride round, you just open up your luggage by pressing the bag icon on the upper right-hand corner and drag the icon of your beast over to the mount section on your equipment. It's its very buy MaplestoryM Mesos own slot all the way in the underside left corner corner. Again, you need to already see the tiny porky in that slot.

That's all there is to using mounts in MapleStory M! Should you need any other help with the sport by any chance, leave us a query in the comments below and we'll try to help. If you would rather discover the answer yourself, use our built in search bar on the top of the website.MapleStory M: Greatest Dark Knight Build Guide

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Completely enjoying the MapleStory M
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