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The most influenced hero by the Fortnite materials
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The most influenced hero by the Fortnite materials unintended stance change was Berserker. This hero stays fairly untouched recently, however was weak this year in comparison. A justification for this is that among Zerk's main tools -- 400ms series lights -- was nullified by faster position switching. This year also reveals Centurion, Warden, and Lawbringer rising significantly in win rate. In addition, this is a result of the bug.

Here's a more comprehensive look at our favorite medieval stompers:


Conqueror is still very powerful in 1v1 battle. And many players are still whining about his Shield Bash. Conq fares the weakest this season against known counter-attackers. Ubisoft feels that rather than nerfing his bash, it's far better to improve other weaker tools.


Lawbringer is presently in 6th place up 4 places from Buy fortnite items Season 5. Having a 51% success rate, the long arm of the legislation is pulling ahead. It is possible that this is, as stated above, as a result of his high counter-attacking potential. Ubisoft also notes his shove-on-block capability makes him stand to get far more with all the recent bug. The dev team will be keeping a watch on him regarding how the bug fix impacts For Honor gameplay for the not too distant future.

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