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Take a look down the remarks bro more people concur that classic is about the casuals then the hardcore people. Always was will be northdale gold wow that's what produced classic WoW Classic the king. Not the less than 1% that got into naxxramas not just 5 BWL in time. WoW Classic was made for the 94% of the player base who HAD FUN playing WoW Classic for exactly what it was.

Though I would not expect a ponie enthusiast to know anything complex you have no feeling of what im. Btw I was speaking about your use of AND however you are so moronic you cant know appropriate grammar.

My point was that the ENTIRE game is accessible to casuals you've got no baring to prove that wrong and you understand it buy wow classic gold hence why as you so amply place it you're"running away" from the debate. Why don't you go watch some more bronie picture cartoons and go to some sweaty old dude tradition.

That's about all you can understand. Yes to your information I'm going to insult you as you have done it multiple times and im tired of ignoring it. I hope you realize how much of a cuck you seem like using a profile picture just like that. Sitting when you have the IQ of a kid with down syndrome and sound smart. Im willing to bet count that's abnormally high for a human being.

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Always was will be northdale gold wow
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